Júlio Pomar

From painting to sculpture, through illustrations, Júlio Pomar has long been enshrined as one of the biggest names in European art. He is also the principal figure of Neo-Realism in Portuguese painting, from 1945 to 1957. After 60 years dedicated to the arts, Júlio Pomar continues to master an admirably technique, creating pictures with vibrant brush strokes, full of motion and large strokes, which brings us to the playful side of life, a versatility that is impressive - from self-portraits, through the human landscape that surrounded him, since the manifestations of social or political order to the spectacle of bullfighting, horse racing or rugby, since the animals pets, tigers and monkeys or the fables of the deconstruction and myths, the lynchpin of this whole production is the Eros. At the same time his draws are a fundamental part of his work.