Paulo Canilhas

Paul Canilhas born in Almada in 1969. At 1989, with the support of Professor / Sculptor António Júlio and together with some colleagues of the arts established an Art Center (NAP - Núcleo de Artes Plásticas do Laranjeiro) whose thematic approach focused on the artistic skills of its members, resulting in a series of shows enough interesting to catapulted him into what is now his artwork. He promotes art in order to find his own style and his own language, with the main objective of communicate with those who see his work. Multidisciplinary artist, his fields of expression are developed in the areas of painting, drawing, installation and digital art. His work process, automatic, is not studied or planned. Taking the example of the series in the aluminum plate, all this work results from material handling, resistance to twisting and impact of its accommodation-based support, the ability to shine or even cut. Rarely starts a single work, always preferring to work in series that will developed together, forming artistic "families” with very strong ties with each other.