Moisés was born in 1963 in Almada. As a good Portuguese he speaks of history as if it were happening right now and is actually quite easy to fall into it as another link in the chain. Therefore the characters of Moisés are often the subject of his work: from Nuno Alvares Pereira, to the stunning figures of Luís de Camões, poet among poets or the incomparable Fernando Pessoa; in its small-format works, as riders or singers, he always presents it with a carved of a delicate and parodic humor, between the caustic and the elaborate, in fact, as Moisés himself. His works, are mainly made with marble and ornamental stones - always from Portuguese origin, as his own imagination - and when he`s working in large format, from time to time, as a start of daring, he mixed metals, giving rise to the marble as a ultimate logic that admits no objection or discrepancy. But Moisés goes one step further in daring and reach the water, water as part of his sculptures: fountains, ponds, and perhaps springs and rivers ... Moisés is his name - also artistic - and emerged from the water as a Mediterranean root and a clearly Atlantic look.