Maria João Franco

Maria João Franco was born in Leiria in 1945. With 15 years begins to attend the Circle of Fine Arts in Coimbra. Painting Degree from the Fine Arts High School of Lisbon, where she had as professors Gil Teixeira Lopes and Soares Branco. Two years later leaves to Porto where she attends the Architecture Degree, but the contact with colleagues from Painting, make her regain the taste, coming also from the Painter Nelson Dias, future husband. In following the death of her brother Miguel, she returns to Leiria. Only later recovery studies again in Lisbon. Her father, Miguel Franco, inherits a taste for a magical world. Miguel Franco is recognized as one of the most important playwrights of the 70's in Portugal, the historical focus of his work that confronts the spirit of the ditaturial system then implanted in Portugal. A strong connection "Miguel Franco - João Maria Franco - Nelson Dias" unleashes in the young Maria João the spirit off search and browse, wich still prevails in her path. Strongly marked by the "Abstract Expressionism," Maria João Franco begins to exhibit with 23 years, following the path of Nelson Dias trend both in the abstract expressionist, both in its transition to the picture. Feeling as strong exponents of Portuguese Painting, Rocha de Sousa, Gil Teixeira Lopes, Luís Dourdil, Júlio Pomar and Júlio Resende, Maria João drinks in them the influence of a lyrical expressionism sensuality - almost "water" or merely fluid. Throughout her career has developed numerous pictorial projects, being honored with several awards, and recently (2007) awarded the medal "Merit-Culture" and the Commendation of the Association of Brazilian Plastic Artists.