Matilde Marçal

Matilde Marçal born in Abrantes (Portugal) in 1946. She graduated in Painting from Fine Arts High School of Lisbon, where she started as a teacher in 1972. She made several trips to Italy (Venice, Florence and Rome) in 1970 and between 1972 and 1974, was a researcher, from Institute of High Culture, at the National Center of Chalcography and Engraving. In 1978 she received a research grant from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and in 1980 a stock short of the Secretary of State for Culture for the study of Spanish Painting Vanguard (Cuenca, Madrid and Barcelona). Matilde Marçal is a distinctive name of Portuguese Contemporary Painting, with work carried out in terms of painting, printmaking and drawing. Her work reveals a new universe, between poetry and silence, past and present, present and future. With a palette of rich color, she can do shades of colors - from whites to browns and from browns to violets - quite amazing that invite us to enter into her memories. Her figures appear, sometimes silent, some loose, some pure and naive, funny, sometimes sad. Produced until now more than fifty solo exhibitions (in Portugal, Spain, France, Poland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Norway, England, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland) and over three hundred collective exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. In 1988 she was elected Member of the National Academy of Fine Arts.