Nelson Dias

Nelson Dias was born in Matosinhos in 1940. Having completed the Complementary Painting Course in 1964 at the School of Fine Arts of Porto, began teaching in 1964/65 in the area of Visual Education in the School Domingos Sequeira, Leiria, where he held various jobs in the field of stage design and participates in various exhibitions at Gallery Diedro. In 1968, he held his first solo exhibition at Gallery Quadrante. In the years that followed held several orders of Tapestry and in the field of Painting and Drawing developed in several studies and charts, a language POP ever became public. In 1972, the Assírio & Alvim editions, publishes the album's narrative figuration "Wania - Escala em Orongo" with text by Augusto Mota, who will then be published in Germany. In the years following starts a new demand for color figuration, which fails to be completed at the same time illustrates the book "Corpos Estranhos" by Alberto Pimenta. His last exhibitions are held in the Gallery Quattro, Leiria, and at Gallery Alfamixta in Lisbon. At the time of his death in 1993, worked as a Associate Professor at the High School of Fine Arts. Nelson Dias leaves us a work of high artistic quality invaluable in the area of Painting, Drawing and Comics, which raises keen interest in international criticism of BD. In 2007, the MAC - Contemporary Art Movement organized the exhibition "As Formas do Existir", the first posthumous retrospective of his production in the area of Painting and Drawing. In addition, the album "Wania - Escale em Orongo" is reissued by the publisher Gradiva, earning the unanimous applause of the critics.