Onik Sahakian was born in 1936 in Tehran at the time capital of the Persian Empire. He began his art education, particularly in the areas of music and dance, receiving a scholarship to attend a course in Persian Miniature Painting in the famous Honarestan Ziba Keshwar (Institute of Fine Arts of Tehran). In 1953 he travels to the Soviet Union, in order to continue the study of ballet and develop his artistic training. When he returns to Iran, holds the post of advisor to the Ministry of Culture for about two years and is invited to join the dance studio of Madame Yelena Avetisian. Is also invited to the newly created National Ballet of Iran, directed by William Dollar, during the year 1956. That same year, he travel to U.S.A to study political science, attending classes only during one school year, after which leanings definitely the artistic career. Joins Chouniard Art School in Los Angeles, California, where he completed a Master in 1964. At the same time, develop his knowledge on techniques of classical painters, receiving private lessons from several renowned masters. It is initially influenced by the French school, then by the Italian and in third stage, by the Impressionists. In 1958 starting a friendship and collaboration with Salvador Dalí that last nineteen years. Fascinated by the work of the Master, becomes his disciple, and Surrealism from Dalí will be surely his greatest influence. The talent of Onik Sahakian's, expresses itself in painting, jewelry, sculpture, stage design and costumes for ballet. Throughout his career, has exhibited throughout the world, especially in America and Europe and has presented over 40 exhibitions.