Alberto Gordillo

Alberto Gordillo, jeweler and sculptor, was born in Moura in 1943. With twelve years began to learn jewelry in his uncle workshop in Lisbon, having started a jewellery fancy features, making use of new materials. Date from the late 50`s his first modern jewells. He is considered the pioneer of Portuguese Modern Jewellery, the most awarded, mentioned in pappers and the one who have done more exhibitions. Implemented, since 1965, prototypes of jewellery of his own for factories where thousands of pieces were copied. Devised and executed some notable High Jewellery, especially the famous “web-wire” with 300 grams of platinum and 150 diamonds, displayed on the London Stock Exchange of diamonds and exposed at the National Museum of Costume. In 1974 founded the Art Gallery “Tempo” in Lisbon and in the same year shows the retrospective exhibition of his jewellery. Held the first exhibition of jewellery in January of 1963 and the first of sculpture in 1971. In 2001 he presented his documentary exhibition with thousand publications (newspapers, magazines, catalogs and books) in Moura, his homeland, which is in the process of building the Museum of Contemporary Jewellery Alberto Gordillo.