Romeo Niran

Romanian painter of Jewish origin, Romeo Niram was born in 1974 in Bucharest and studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. He currently lives in Madrid. Among its paint cycles most important, we find "Essay on the lucidity," "Brancusi E = mc2" and "Test Journal Mircea Eliade." In addition to his artistic activity, he is the founder of 3 Art and Culture publications, including the magazine "Niram Art”, founded in Madrid, which publishes and promotes international Fine Arts in four languages , being the first magazine of the world with these characteristics. He is the initiator of several projects of artistic and cultural cooperation between Spain, Romania, Israel and Portugal. About his work, have been published more than 150 articles, news and comments in magazines and newspapers in several countries, including Romania, Spain, Israel, Germany, Canada or Australia. Held painting exhibitions in Romania, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Turkey.