Fernando d`F. Pereira

Fernando d`F. Pereira was born in Lisbon. In 1962, he begins a tour through Europe, from the south of Spain through Paris (where he studied and worked in the Du Buffet atelier) and Lyon. After attending the Freikunstakademie in Salzburg (Austria) and Rodel Kunstschüle in Mannheim (Germany), where he resides for three decades, exhibiting permanently at Reichardt and Quadrat galleries. Performed works of art and decoration to several institutions and in particular order, along with an intense exhibition activity. His work, influenced by German expressionism, generally considered symbolic or surreal has been subject of study and analysis by critics and historians of art like Anna-Luise Marz, Jockle Clemens, Gabriele Schulte Plage, Hans L. Schulte, Hans W. Borgmann, Harald Kramer, Marx Hieke, Ilana Schenhave, Michael Hierholzer, Santiago Campillo, José Luís Ferreira, Beate Kukatzki, Vaz Rodrigues, Luísa Ribeiro, Eduardo Nascimento or Frithjof-Shwartz.