António Inverno

ANTÓNIO INVERNO was born in 1944 in Monsaraz. In 1958, in Lisbon, enrolled in the School of Arts and Crafts António Arroio where his main teachers were Roberto Araújo, Manuel Lima, Estrela Faria and Abreu Lima. Concludes the course of Lithography in 1964, working, however, in the workshop of Jorge Barradas at the Ceramics Factory “Viúva Lamego”. After doing military service between 1966 and 1968, returned to Lisbon where he works with Rogério Ribeiro and Mário Rafael, in interior decoration of the headquarters building of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In 1969 joined the team of Thomás de Mello at Lisbon International Fair. In 1970 participates in "Seara Nova" magazine which promotes various editions of serigraphs of contemporary Portuguese artists. In 1972 starts the business of printing, creating a workshop devoted exclusively to the screen, where he works with Júlio Pomar, Vespeira, Charrua, Espiga Pinto, Eduardo Nery, Maria Keil, Francisco Relógio, Jorge Vieira, Costa Pinheiro, Eurico Gonçalves among others portuguese paintors. In 1973 moved his studio to Rua da Emenda, which became a place of worship to the artistic community. From 1977 to 1979 organizes and teaches courses on screen through most of the country, aimed at teachers of Visual Education. In an exchange with Africa made successive trips, selecting young artists who are awarded scholarships for study in major cultural centers of Europe. In 1993 creates the Center of Serigraphy António Inverno. He works in several cultural centers in Alentejo, promoting exhibitions. He also is a founding partner of Visual Communication Center A.R.C.O., founding partner of Cultural Center of Almada. Member of the National Academy of Fine Arts. Commander of Order of Infante Dom Henrique. National Painting Prize of the National Academy of Fine Arts (1995). It is currently professor in the School of Education of Beja. Exhibits since 1985 and made numerous individual and collective exhibitions.