Carlos Botelho

Carlos Botelho born in Lisbon in 1899. Painter, illustrator and cartoonist. Between 1926 and 1929, having abandoned the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon, he devoted himself to creating comic cartoons for the weekly child magazine ABCzinho. In 1930, started his first studio in Costa do Castelo, Lisbon, where he lived until 1949. This place certainly influenced his subject, offering themes and references that influenced his artistic career. In 1937, joins the decor team for the Pavilion of Portugal, during the International Exhibition of Arts and Technology in Paris. In Paris he had access to a retrospective of the work of Van Gogh that has largely influenced, even determined, his initial expressionist language. Between 1938 and 1940 he received the prize Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso and the Prize Columbano, the most important painting prize in Portugal. Dubbed by critics as "painter of Lisbon," Carlos Botelho is the author of one of the most important collections of Portuguese Modern Art. working with the city of Lisbon as a real or fictitious backdrop, the painter found a characteristic palette ranging from shades of old rose and dark yellow, with its red roofs, dormer windows and geometrically arranged between tiles and railings, building rich compositions in color and volume. Botelho also tranform Lisbon in a laboratory, transfom the city into a laboratory where he mixed impressions and experiences of other cities and other painters, crossing them with his own vision of Lisbon, in the choice of motives and methods. He died in 1982.