Figueiredo Sobral

Figueiredo Sobral was born in 1926. Beloved disciple of Antonio Lino, Paula Campos, and Rodrigues Alves, t the School of Decorative Arts Antonio Arroyo. Until the late 50's, was creative advertising and graphic illustrator with fine sensitivity of literary and poetic works. He devoted himself to poetry, wrote original dramaturgical, also been working as a layout designer. His first appearances as a painter occur in the General Exhibitions of Fine Arts (SNBA, Lisbon) even in the wake of World War II. In the second half of the 60`s, without leaving the paint, starts several experiences in sculpture. His works are monuments built in urban or decorate public places, especially in Portugal and Brazil. Engravings, watercolors, collages, ceramics, tapestries, paintings and sculptures, are currently owned art collections in state, institutional and private business and private collections in Europe, American, Australian and Middle East. Award MAC'2000 - Career, assigned by MAC – Movimento Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon.