exhibitions - "Organic"

2 February - 26 February 2010

Galleries: MAC álvares cabral

Artists: Paulo Canilhas

Organic matter will prevail over the inert? In our industrialized world, where more and more, the mechanics stifles the simplest human movements, the force of arms replaced by mechanics, the sigh of exhaustion by the spasms of hydraulic gear to take care of our space, of our air. This change, which we installed, will end when the inert matter outweighs the organic humanity end replaced and machines take the dominant place that seems to be for them. ... and then? ... I wonder, will the organic matter regain its position? ... there will be forces for this? ... will be?? The organic matter will face an odyssey, a titanic battle in the reconquest of its space in a world of metal, cold, callous and black ... Will we be away from this reality? ...