exhibitions - "Da Coloratura Multi-Direccionalmente Expansiva"

8 June - 30 September 2010

Galleries: Forte do Bom Sucesso

Initiating a project for action and dissemination of culture, MAC – [Contemporary Art Movement] and Liga dos Combatentes, present the exhibition of Paintings by Hilário Teixeira Lopes, "Da Coloratura Multi-Direccionalmente Expansiva” [From Color Multi-Directionally Expansive] in celebration of his 66 year career. This partnership comes as part of a program of cultural activities developed in recent years, by Liga dos Combatentes, which has allied itself with MAC, recognizing the merits of the actions so far undertaken by this institution, and hoping to contribute to strengthening of the image of Forte do Bom Sucesso as privileged exhibition space, with an active voice in the national cultural scene through a consistent artistic agenda. While space of meeting and dialogue between different cultural and institutional sectors, in defense of a free and multidisciplinary culture, MAC has teamed up with Liga dos Combatentes in promoting an agenda of cultural prestige, assuming the commissioner of several exhibitions, which shows begins with the exhibition " Da Coloratura Multi-Direccionalmente Expansiva " in the year of Official Commemorations of the 66-year career of the painter Hilário Teixeira Lopes. Spanning a period of production that goes from 1989 to 2010, the exhibition will take place in spaces assigned to the Forte do Bom Sucesso, opening initially in two rooms. It begins with a collection of 26 paintings and two drawings and later (from June 23), will be joined more 7 paintings and 15 drawings, occupying a third room and starting a cycle of activities which highlight a conference / debate on the work of Hilário Teixeira Lopes.