exhibitions - "Ruy Silva"

3 May - 26 May 2012

Galleries: MAC álvares cabral

Galleries: MAC sol ao rato

Artists: Ruy Silva

There is optimism and attitude throughout the allegory of a fruit, which is also a color. Orange. Starting from a base pictorial vividness of a reflex and impulsive nature, comes to us in the art of an entire stimulus Ruy Silva energetic, vibrant and expansive. Getting through the strength of the stroke, there is life in ways beyond the four corners of the screen, the artist expresses himself and makes use of static movements and restless images, they breathe through our guts in silence. With confidence and creativity, the figures exposes himself to a sin innocent who, with courage, fun and laughs, transmitting, paradoxically a private world of stories. In the solo show of painting that exposes in Ruy Silva MAC - Movement Contemporary Art, reveals to the "logarithm of Orange." With all its unique art and performance, the artist stands out for the trip icnográfica running from screen to screen and by orchestrating stories incredibly real, we review where we are and where pulsating lights and colors that make us realize that the limit of things can be further discussed.