Andre Lanskoy

Andre Lanskoy was born in 1902 in Russia. In 1919, fleeing the Russian Revolution, travels to Kiev and Paris, where he fixed residence from 1921. Initially inspired by Van Gogh, Matisse and Soutine, he begins to study painting. In 1923, after being selected to the Autumn Salon, was discovered by Wilhelm Uhde, that helps him relate to the artistic means and supports his first solo exhibition in 1925. Soon, the work of Lanskoy began to appear in major public and private collections. Around 1930, leaving the Figurative, he moved his interest to abstraction. His search leads him to join several techniques such as tapestry, mosaic and illustration. During this time and the following decade, Andre Lanskoy won international acclaim through numerous exhibitions, of which we highlight "Les Russes Peintre de l'école de Paris" at the Museum of Saint Denis in 1960. Andre Lanskoy is today considered one of the maximum exponents of the "lyrical abstraction" under the "School of Paris." Died in 1976 in Paris.