As space of meeting and dialogue between different cultural and institutional sectors, in defense of a free culture and multidisciplinary, MAC is seeking to be the link between those whose paths normally do not cross - emerging and established artists, producers and collectors, public and private sector - transmitting a concept of culture without geographical or disciplinary boundaries, focusing with particular relevance in the way of Portuguese-speaking countries. In the context of world globalization in which MAC was founded, the theme of intercultural dialogue has a focus on our main goals, playing a key role in the pursuit of our activities to contribute to human development, recognizing and preserving the diversity while promoting pluralism, autonomy and participation in the knowledge society. Accordingly, much of our mission is dedicated to defending the Portuguese cultural heritage, material and immaterial, the disclosure of the role of Portuguese culture in the world and the updating of its relations with other cultures. All this work is done through exhibitions, publications, training courses, study-trips, seminars and conferences, as well as children's workshops, training for school-age youth and teachers, promoting tours to various cultural spaces that not only the space allocated to MAC, covering several areas, expanding our mission to provide services to various institutions, municipalities and public and private organizations, particularly in the areas of consultancy and arts commissioner.