Alberto Cedrón

Alberto Cedron was born in Buenos Aires in 1937, within a large family which encouraged him to the pleasure of literature, architecture, music and cinema. With his father, learn to work between the trial and discipline, playing with nature, in a formal search that will be endless and unpredictable. Only later, by meeting with Jorge Demirjan, Horacio Butler and Juan Carlos Castagnino, he reached response to his incessant questions, not abandoning the inconsistence with which he faced the Art. Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, France, USA, Italy, Paraguay and Portugal, places that deprived close to Cedron and his plastic options. Drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, engraving. The experiments based on conventional or alternative materials, and not subject to current standards. "... spent more than 50 years on walls, paper, stone, brass, clay, "scrap" finally, miscellaneous equipment, and also several supports and different historical moments (...)" and mastery of his technical and expressive creativity, his repertoire full of popular ingredients, auto-biographical, erotic and sensual, playful and family, social criticism or symbolic, were sufficient to achieve more than a hundred individual and collective exhibitions, be distinguished over a dozen awards and decorations and sought by public and private collectors. When fully mature, Work and Artist eventually close themselves in a distress that would turn into deep indignation. Alberto Cedron died in 2007, not without prior warning: "I do not surrender"