Orhan Tekin

Orhan Tekin has a Degree in Sculpture from Hacettepe University (Ankara, Turkey) and in 2005 he finished his PhD in Sculpture at Edimburg College of Art. He have been held several exhibitions since 1989 in countries like the United States of America, Korea, Norway, Scotland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Greece or Turkey. He creates sculpture designs with materials such as coal, or bone, which remain hidden and how they move towards and complete their formation is a mystery concealed by their hiding places. His intellectual satisfaction in creating artworks takes its final form from the feeling that the hiding instinct becomes superior to, and conquers, helplessness at every moment of and during the process of design. Although the creation process is as has been summarized above, many of the designs forces him to make a selection between the two opposing concepts of hiding and helplessness or new form of discovery is failure to claim our existence.