Artur Bual

Artur Bual was born in Lisbon in 1926. Painter, Sculptor and ceramist, held several exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. Is represented in several collections: Palace of Justice in Lisbon, Center of Modern Art of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, National Museums, among others. Took part in meetings of International Art in Caldas da Rainha and Vila Nova de Cerveira, organized by Group “Alvarez”. With Carlos Avilez and Francisco Relógio, worked as director on several plastic scenery brought to the scene at the Teatro Experimental at Cascais and Porto. Was director of the graphic magazine of art and letters "Contravento”. Ran mosaic panels for train and metro stations. Illustrated the book "Instinto Supremo" by Ferreira de Castro, "As alegres noites de um boticário" by Miguel Barbosa and "Rencontre avec culture portugaise" (Nov./91 - Paris). Artur Bual died in 1999, in Amadora.